Betika Kenya

Betika promotes itself as the best online sports betting site in Kenya, which is a pretty bold claim to make. It promises the fastest deposits and withdrawals of any site, excellent cash back bonuses and a decent free offer for new customers. How it holds up against other Kenyan-facing sports betting sites remains to be seen, though.

Betika home page

Betika is run by Shop and Deliver Limited and is fully licensed by the BCLB (Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya) under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act.

Pros and Cons


  • Very good virtual football game – one of the best we have seen
  • Watch some huge events via Betika TV
  • Bet on a virtual lottery too!


  • Not as extensive a market selection as some other online sports books
  • Site is not the easiest to use

Betika’s Welcome Bonus

Betika does offer a welcome deal with the hope of enticing new customers, but details about it are a little hard to find, which is a bit confusing. If Betika did want to attract new customers, surely they would be a little more upfront about it?

The best info we could uncover was the site’s description saying “25bob for new customers”. We think this means 25 KES which as far as welcome bonuses go, is not the biggest welcome bonus you are ever likely to see! It’s still money for nothing though, which is always good. As far as we could make out you need to deposit 49 KES as a minimum in order to earn your bonus.

A few other things to note about Betika are the Shikisha Bet, 5M Jackpot and the Betika League. The Shikisha bet (Shikisha means ‘clever’) is an accumulator bet where you combine any markets from the games nominated in order to enhance your overall winnings should you get lucky. The 5M Jackpot is a jackpot bet where you have to pick 1X2 selections from 13 of the 15 games that are offered. If you get all 13 correct you win the 5 million KES jackpot, but there are ‘near miss’ prizes too.

The Betika League is a virtual football league, based on the biggest teams in England. You can place your bets as you normally would in any football game, but the matches kick off every three minutes or so! We’ve reviewed the ‘live’ footage from the Betika League and we’re comfortable in saying its among the best virtual football footage we’ve seen anywhere.

Is Betika a Reliable Betting Site?

Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya

Well, first up we are delighted to relate that Betika is fully and properly licensed, so you are not going to get into trouble if you use this site, legally.

As for your online safety, there’s not much information about how Betika deals with online traffic at the site, but there are plenty of details in the site’s all-important Privacy Policy. The site says that it uses commercially-acceptable means of protecting your personal information from unauthorized external or internal access to your account. However, it covers its own backside by saying that they cannot guarantee absolute security.

In short, if you use Betika it is probably in your best interests to use M-PESA or Airtel to move your money into and out of your account, just for that extra added layer of protection, and to only give the site the details that are absolutely necessary for the smooth operation of your account.

Betika Bonus Offers

Betika grand jackpot

Again, Betika seems a little shy in promoting the bonus offers that it provides both to new and existing customers.

As far as we could tell, Betika offers a daily cashback bonus to all site users between 6 am and 11 pm each day. If you place bets during that timeframe of a minimum of 3,000 KES, then you can claim back a maximum of 100 KES on your losses.

There’s also the Betika Points loyalty scheme. You earn loyalty points with every bet that you make at the site. The points awarded are your total stake multiplied by the odds of your bet, divided by 100. On some days and with some bets you can earn double Betika Points.

You can redeem your Betika Points for bonus cash once you have reached 1,000 points. Your points are worth a 50 KES bonus.

How to Register and Create an Account on Betika

Betika registration

There are two ways you can create an account with Betika, and you do not have to use the website if you do not want to. If you prefer to register via your mobile phone, then you can do so by simply sending ‘BETIKA” to 29090 as an SMS message. When you do this you should receive back an SMS saying that your account (using your mobile phone number) has been registered and you are free to start betting. As an alternative, you can dial *644# and follow the instructions to register.

If you want to register via the website, then just go to and click on the blue ‘Register’ button on the top right-hand corner of the screen. This will take you through to the registration page.

All you then have to do is fill in your mobile phone number and select a password. Once you have completed both fields click on ‘Register’ in order to send your details through to Betika. The site will then send you a confirmation code via an SMS message.

You next need to submit the verification code via the site. This will confirm your registration and you will soon be able to start making bets.

If you want the best in sports betting, then complete the process and you can get started with Betika today!

…More than a Betting Site: Live TV and Lotteries too!

Betika Live

With Betika you are in a position to actually be able to see some of the sporting action that you have placed bets upon, or just place bets on the sporting events that are available for you to watch.

When you enter the site, click the ‘Betika TV!’ menu option to see what’s available. You will be able to watch many contests absolutely free of charge, including games from the English Premier League, plus football leagues in Holland and Italy.

The Betika ‘Lucky 6’ is their version of a lottery. You can place your bets on the drawing of the balls, and each lottery drawing takes place every three minutes. As well as selecting five numbers in the hope they will be drawn in order to win a massive prize, you can also bet on the colour of the first ball drawn, whether the first ball drawn will be odd or even, whether the first ball drawn will be under or over 24.5, whether there will be more odd or even balls drawn and whether the total of the five balls will be over or under 122.5.

How to deposit and withdraw at Betika

Betika payment options

It seems that like most Kenyan-facing online betting sites Betika only accepts payments via mobile phone accounts. Here is how to make a payment via M-PESA (Safaricom) or Airtel.

  1. Go to the M-PESA or Airtel app on your mobile phone. Enter the amount that you want to transfer to your Betika account via the app and then enter the relevant PayBill number, which is 290290 for M-PESA (Safaricom) or BETIKA for Airtel.
  2. You will receive an SMS confirmation once your transaction has gone through. You can then check your Betika account to check you have a betting balance to play with. You can check your balance at any time via your phone simply by texting BALANCE to 29090.
  3. You can make a withdrawal at any time from your Betika account online, as long as you have funds within your account (minimum 50 KES). Just select your amount and the money will be transferred to your mobile account.
  4. Withdrawing from Betika via SMS is just as easy. Send an SMS with WITHDRAWAL#xxxx to 29090 where xxx is the amount that you want to withdraw. For example, to withdraw 5,000 KES send WITHDRAWAL#5000.

Betika Mobile App for Android or iPhone

Betika mobile apps

For the best in mobile phone betting via Betika, you should download the Betika mobile phone app to your device. The app is available for both Android and iOS (Apple) systems, and here is how to get it:

Android APP

  1. Navigate to on the device that you want to load the app upon. Click on the button that says ‘Download for Android’.
  2. Your device will begin to download a file entitled betika.apk. This is an Android package file.
  3. Once the file has downloaded, locate it on your device and open it. You may have to amend your settings in order to allow the installation of downloaded files.
  4. As soon as the installation process is complete the app will appear in your app menu, and on your home screen.

iPhone or iPad (iOS) APP

  1. Navigate to on the device that you want to load the app upon. Click on the button that says ‘Download on the AppStore’.
  2. Click on ‘Get’
  3. The app will install. This is an official Betika app for iOS-based devices so you will not need to go through any extra steps in order to install it. Once installed you can open it up to access all the features of the Betika site via the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does Betika work?

Betika is a properly-licensed sports book in Kenya that legally operates online. It uses bespoke software to operate bookmaking options from its registered site users. All bets are placed either via the online site, mobile app or via SMS message. All bets are accepted automatically if the proper process has been followed.

The whole system is computer-controlled and automatic. Once an event has concluded all bets that are placed on the events are calculated and settled automatically, with any winnings being paid to the winners’ Betika account. Winnings can only be withdrawn via manual processes at the request of the account holder.

Q. Which sports and events are offered for betting

Betika does not have the same range of markets as some sports books as it is a purely-Kenyan enterprise, unlike international sites such as 1XBet or 22Bet. The list of sports available is as follows: Football/soccer, tennis, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, handball, cricket, boxing, rugby (union) and American football. Coverage of events extends to ties all over the globe, not just in Kenya.

Q. How do you place a bet at Betika?

You can place a bet via the site (web or app) or SMS message. To place a bet via the app or online site, simply find the event you are interested in or browse through available markets until you find something that you like the look of. Click on the odds of the outcome you want to wager upon, and it will be added to your bet slip. Fill in the amount you want to wager then click ‘Place Bet’. Your wager is now placed.

You can also bet using SMS. Each event at the side has a Game ID. The format of your text should be GAMEID#PICK#AMOUNT where PICK is the selection you want to bet on and AMOUNT is the amount you want to wager. You can chain SMSs to place multiple bets.

For example, to bet 100 KES on the home team winning in a football match with a game id of 12345, you would text 12345#1#100 to 29020.

Overall Rating of Betika

Online sports books are still in their infancy in Kenya, and so a local site like Betika cannot really match up to international giants such as 22Bet and 1XBet. Don’t let that put you off though – this is a decent-enough site, especially if you enjoy betting on football, and isn’t it better to give your patronage to a Kenyan-based site, and not some vast international conglomerate?

Why not have a look around Betika for yourself, and then sign up and start placing wagers at one of the best Kenyan-based online sports books around?