BetPalace Kenya Review

Bet Palace operates under Bet Palace Limited. It is new in the sports betting scene in Kenya and gives impressive odds. Therefore, bettors get a huge boost in their potential winnings. Bet Palace operates under the licensing of the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya. Meaning, the services available on the site comply with the betting and other laws of the country.

Why choose BetPalace?

This betting company is reputable for its online sportsbook. But it also has a solid presence in the offline scene. You can visit the sportsbook’s agent stores and place your bets from there. These outlets are present in different locations, thus convenient if you cannot open the online platform or new to staking on sports bets.


BetPalace has an application to enhance the betting experience even with the use of mobile phones. However, it is incompatible with Android devices as of the time of this writing.

The bookmaker has different sports and leagues. Soccer events dominate in these sports betting sites due to the popularity of the sport among Kenyans.

How to register at BetPalace?

There are two ways to register at BetPlace. First, you can use the bookmaker’s official website.

  1. Load the website on your browser.
  2. Go to the login section on one side of the website.
  3. Fill in your details and create a password.
  4. Click ‘confirm’ to submit your details. You now have your Bet Palace account and you can deposit funds and place a bet.

Besides, you can register via SMS.

  1. You type the word BETPALACE and send it to 29085.
  2. You receive a confirmation message on your phone that welcomes and gives you a link to the site.
  3. Use the link to login, and you can begin to stake.

Welcome Bonus

In other betting platforms, you have probably come across a welcome offer. This betting site is no different and offers such too. When you deposit funds into your account, you receive a welcome bonus on the spot. The offer is easy to claim since there are no promo codes. However, for the bonus to benefit you, there are those terms that you need to follow. For instance, note that you cannot cashout the money into your account.

Betpalace - First deposit bonus

Besides, you cannot use it all together in your bets. You get a 10% discount on the total wager of every bet that you place after claiming this welcome offer. However, the odds must be at least four for the bets to count. Your bonus balance is then subject to deductions for you to determine the remaining amount. However, the good thing about the welcome offer is that you can use it for as long as you wish. It is not subject to a validity period. You can use it little by little until that time when you deplete it.

Like most sportsbooks, you cannot miss a bonus in Bet Palace. Both the new bettors and the legends in this sports betting site have offers to receive. Therefore, immediately after you sign up at Bet Palace, ensure that you redeem the registration bonus. If you have been a customer for a period, keep checking on the website to know if the launch of a new bonus offer.

How to place a bet?

If you wish to wager online, the first thing is to log in to your account. You then make selections that automatically add to your bet slip that is one edge of the page. There are two options on a single slip. That is, you can make a single or a multi bet on one of them. However, if you wish to place a multi bet, the matches need to be different from each other. The only way you can have similar predictions many times is by placing them in one bet at a time. That is, you repeat a single bet several times.

There is an area on the slip labeled bet amount. It is the point where you feed in the amount you wishes to stake after all the choices you make satisfies you. after that, a section dubbed possible net win that displays the amount you can pocket if all the predictions happen to be correct. Finally, confirm your slip options by clicking on the place bet.

Place Bets via SMS

Bet Palace also allows players to place their bets through texts. Therefore, those who don’t wish to wager on the sportsbook online site have got relief. You can place your bet through a text message. However, it does not mean that you won’t have to access the site. You need to visit the site for you to get the game codes.

After you have the codes, send the text: GAMEID#PICK#STAKE to 29085. That is how you place a single bet. For a multi bet, have all the game codes on your side. The next step is to send the text in this format: GAMEID1#PICK1#GAMEID2#PICK2#GAMEID3#PICK3#GAMEID4#PICK4#STAKE to 29085. The pick is the specific prediction for a match, while the stake is the amount you wish to wager. The game codes are clear alongside each of the matches.

  • 1 for the team playing at home
  • x for a draw between the two
  • 1x for either home or draw
  • x2 for either draw or away team
  • 12 for either home or away team
  • 2 for the team not playing at their home(Away)
  • Ov25 for over 2.5
  • Un25 for under 2.5


After accessing the platform, there are different leagues and sports you can wager on. Soccer events are comprised of most of the available sporting events. That is because football is the most popular sport among Kenyans. Due to that, most of the football leagues displays on the left section of the screen. It is thus easier for the gamblers to spot them. The league’s options available at this bookmaker’s site include:

  • La Liga
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Serie A
  • Premier League
  • Bundesliga
  • UEFA Europa League

Live Right Now - Live Right Now

It is below the leagues that you find the available matches. Other than football, there are sports such as Rugby, Volleyball, Tennis and Basketball. After selecting your favorite sport, there is a menu displaying the available countries. Pick the one you want and have all the available matches relating to that country emerge on the page’s center.

Bet Palace Odds

This bookmaker has average odds comparing to other sportsbooks offering their services in Kenya.

How to deposit?

In order to bet on this platform, the first thing is to fund your account. But that is only when you have a user account in the sportsbook betting site. After completing the registration, here is the process of depositing funds into the Bet Palace account.

Pick your mobile device and go to the Mpesa Menu. You use Lipa na Mpesa to cash into the account. Choose the pay bill option and feed on 290085 when the system asks for the Business Number. The account number when depositing money at Bet Palace account is BETPALACE. Feed the amount that you wish to cash in and click okay. Finally, input your MPesa PIN to finish the transaction. Your request undergoes processing, and you receive an MPesa message confirming the transaction.

How to withdraw money from BetPalace?

Once your predictions are successful and you receive the payouts, you can get the money through withdrawing. The withdrawal method can be through SMS or website.

To withdraw money at Bet Palace through the SMS option, go to the phones SMS application, and text WITHDRAW#AMOUNT to 29085.

You can as well withdraw through the website. You simply log in to your account and clicking on the menu. From there, choose the withdraw option. Instructions on how to go on with the withdrawal process usually pop up on the screen. When the transaction goes through, you get a confirmation text on your phone.

BetPalace Mobile App

There is a mobile version for most of the bookmarker’s platforms. From here, the gamblers can place their stakes, get the latest odds, take bonuses, transact, etc., directly to their phones. Besides, mobile betting is convenient as it allows you to place a bet regardless of where you are.

Bet Palace has an app to assist its customers to login into their user accounts through their phones. However, the app is incompatible with android devices as per the time of this writing. Users can place their bets through the SMS option but accessing the online platform is still crucial for them to get the game codes. Therefore, the app would be more convenient, allowing the users to access the online platform fast and place their bets either through it or through texts.

Another advantage of an application is that there is less use of data to access the betting platform. Using a browser to access the sportsbook’s website can be quite expensive. Besides, the application can suit your device while still showing other areas of the platform. Therefore, players get a more detailed view at the same time. In fact, it is easy to perform all the activities with ease when using an app.

How can I get support from Bet Palace?

A good betting site needs to have responsive customer support. Fortunately, Bet Palace is keen on that, which is evident through their 24/7 assistance. You can reach the support team through WhatsApp, email, or phone lines. However, this sportsbook lacks a crucial customer service feature, live chat. Most of the bookmakers in Kenya and worldwide have a live chat option as it is fast responsive. Although they lack the feature, they seem to substitute with an all-time available phone line. Meaning you can call for assistance even late at night.

Additionally, they do not hesitate to respond to WhatsApp messages and emails. The phone lines you can use to access Bet Palace include 0705290085, 0777290085, and 0739290085. The WhatsApp number is 0797290087. If you wish to reach this Kenyan sportsbook through email, use [email protected].

Why open an account on BetPalace?

There is an experienced staff team that assists you in case of need. They give you a simplified insight on how to bet to get you off. After contacting them, you are good to go, and you can go on and place your first bet. If you are conversant with the process, you can visit the stores right away and place your wager. The National ID is an important document to have so that you can prove your age.

If you are new to gambling and wish to stick to the online process, you don’t have to worry. There is a how-to-play page, a platform that helps you learn the tricks about sports betting within no time. Besides, this sports betting company ensures that there all the players enjoy betting on their site. Therefore, they are keen on responsible gambling.


BetPalace is a good bookmaker that any Kenyan gambler finds fantastic. It is among the top sportsbooks in the county. It has excellent customer support service and a great welcome offer. However, the downside of BetPalace is its app that is incompatible with Android devices.


Is Bet Palace licensed in Kenya?

Yes. BetPalace has a license from the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya. Therefore, its services are legal and Kenyan players should not doubt placing their stakes on this bookmaker.

How to login?

To login you only need to have your user name and password. You can access your account through the application or website.

What is the current promo code?

This bookmaker has no promo codes. Kenyan players get their offers without having to feed any code.

Can I bet on football with BetPalace?

Yes. You can bet on football with Bet Palace. In fact, soccer is the most popular sport among Kenyans.

What is the maximum amount I can win betting on football with BetPalace?

Bet Place has a maximum payout of Ksh 50 000.

How do I bet on BetPalace online?

To bet online, you need to access your user account first. The moment you make selections, they add to your bet slip automatically. You can either place a single or a multiple bet. After making your selections, you move on to put the amount you wish to stake. Finally, you confirm by clicking on the place bet.

What payment methods are the best?

BetPalace uses Mpesa as the payment method. It is the best in Kenya due to its convenience and accessibility to the agent shops.

How to withdraw?

You can withdraw funds from your account either through the website or SMS. To withdraw via SMS, type WITHDRAW#AMOUNT to 29085. If you wish to use the website, login into your account and click the menu. Go to the withdraw option, fill in the details, and confirm. Wait for an SMS on your phone.

What is Bet Palace Kenya pay bill number?

The pay bill number is 290085

Do BetPalace have a mobile app or apk?

BetPalace has a mobile app to improve efficiency for mobile punters. However, it does not function on Android devices.